Wednesday, May 23rd – Saturday, May 26th 2012

Almost twelve years ago, on a sunny day somewhere near the middle of the year 2000, Annie and I began planning for perhaps the most significant and wonderful day of our lives together. I’m being vague about specifics because I don’t have the exact dates either to mind or to hand! But as we experience and enjoy the beginning of this present summer heatwave, all of my senses are heightened, directed and employed in recollecting that evening when I asked Annie to marry me and the joyful year that followed when we began planning our wedding day.

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I don’t think that there has ever been a time in my life where the subject of God’s Sovereignty has been so powerfully prevalent to Annie and me as it has in the last couple of months. Trying to recall a time seems futile because I feel if there was such a time, it would not have been so easily forgotten! I’m careful to write ‘the subject of’ because – of course – the fact of God’s Sovereignty surrounds and permeates all things irrespective of my conscious contemplation of it. God’s Sovereignty is not dependant on my realisation of it!  Continue reading

Recent photos, May 2012

Just a few photos of our visit to the Avoncroft Museum last Saturday – the highlight being the copious amounts of tea in the Edwardian tearoom! And two random shots of our trip to Hayes a couple of weeks ago just to give you a picture (albeit taken from the inside of our moving vehicle!) of the Malvern Hills near to where we live and the lush bright yellow rapeseed (canola) fields that are out in bloom this time of year.

Monday, May 14th – Thursday, May 17th 2012

This week I was watching the Q&A session from the 2011 ‘Desiring God’ Pastors’ Conference. The panel included Francis Chan, Paul Miller, Joel Beeke, Jerry Rankin and John Piper. During the session the pastors were each asked to comment on ‘prayerlessness’ in the church today. It may surprise you that some of these Pastors recognised this as something they too struggle with in their own lives and ministries from time to time.

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Sunday, May 6th – Sunday, May 13th 2012

I recently mentioned that Annie and I are reading through the latest book by Joni Earekson Tada, ‘A Place of Healing’. I’ve always known about Joni. But for the most part I’ve associated her with the distant, dated image memories of my childhood; that seventies movie on VHS cassette with wobbly audio and the exceptionally thick paperback book my Mom had complete with a section of black and white snapshots including the scene where Joni had her accident and Joni painting incredible pictures with a thin paintbrush carefully held between her teeth. As a kid, I was never much of a reader and so what I learned about Joni I learned through images; mesmerized by her ability and horrified by her accident. My enduring impression of her was someone I felt sad and sorry for.

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