Friday, August 30th 2013

Today, I feel the absence of Annie on this trip more than any of the days that have passed by so far. There were moments on the airplane, when I looked at the empty seat next to me and I really felt like crying but I held back – at least until the toilet was vacant. I haven’t got a problem with crying – or crying in public at that (well, maybe just a little) – but for whatever reason I’d consider it a bit unnerving to see someone burst into tears at 30,000 feet and so I held off. A lot of things have been said about grief but I wonder if it’s ever been said that with great grief (and altitude) comes great responsibility?

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Monday, August 26th 2013

About an hour from now I’ll be checking in at my gate in Heathrow Airport, Lord’s Willing, headed out to see family in Pennsylvania. Back in June I made my first flight anywhere without my Annie – indeed my first ever flight alone. That little trip to Switzerland did little to prepare me for this second, longer flight across the Atlantic. Continue reading