More Photos – June 2012

I’ve annotated these pictures with numbers…

  1. A time of praise and worship a few weekends ago
  2. Phil makes us a delicious authentic asian meal
  3. Milo swallowed whole by the duvet
  4. Patricia cooks and serves us a lovely four-course meal
  5. …the crab and avocado starter…hmmmmm!
  6.  Annie receives flowers from Christine – Milo remains suspicious
  7. …the flowers
  8. The gang come and watch the England match defeat
  9. Milo attempts to console the nervous fans
  10. England’s goalkeeper looks more threatening than he actually was
  11. The face of an England fan
  12. TGIs date
  13. TGIs date
  14. TGIs date
  15. Tuesday night with some of the Czech farm workers – left-to-right Natalie, Hana and Jakob

Friday, June 22nd – Wednesday, June 27th 2012

Many years ago in my very early twenties I went to help out a small church plant by offerng to lead their time of worship and praise along with some of my other Christian friends. The leader of the plant was a colleague whom I worked with at the office and he had talked to me about the plant and particularly their lacking of musicians for their time of worship and praise. I don’t quite remember how I got myself involved but I did and one night I had agreed to bring some friends to help them out at one of their midweek meetings.  Continue reading

Sunday, June 10th – Thursday, June 21st 2012

This week yet another one of the ‘young people’ in our church fellowship, passed their driving test. It makes Annie and I feel very old as we remember them as seven and eight year olds in the Sunday school class we taught over a decade ago! But what a great privilege to get to see these children become young men and women of God – serving in our church fellowship, serving in their college and university Christian Unions, following Jesus and driving cars!

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Photos – May/June 2012

Some recent photos of last week’s gardening mission and Philippa’s arrival.