More Photos – June 2012

I’ve annotated these pictures with numbers…

  1. A time of praise and worship a few weekends ago
  2. Phil makes us a delicious authentic asian meal
  3. Milo swallowed whole by the duvet
  4. Patricia cooks and serves us a lovely four-course meal
  5. …the crab and avocado starter…hmmmmm!
  6.  Annie receives flowers from Christine – Milo remains suspicious
  7. …the flowers
  8. The gang come and watch the England match defeat
  9. Milo attempts to console the nervous fans
  10. England’s goalkeeper looks more threatening than he actually was
  11. The face of an England fan
  12. TGIs date
  13. TGIs date
  14. TGIs date
  15. Tuesday night with some of the Czech farm workers – left-to-right Natalie, Hana and Jakob

4 thoughts on “More Photos – June 2012

  1. Heard one amusing report on Radio 4 yesterday. Train driver: This is the 7.20 bound for London Euston, however my name is Ashley, and we could miss and end up at Charing Cross!

  2. Thanks for posting some pictures, we loved looking at them. Love Gill and Mark.

  3. fab photos, and sooooooo pleased to hear that Annie is enjoying her food and able to get out! Much love x

  4. great photos and yummy looking food…. it doesn’t help that I looked at them just before our tea is ready and I am really hungry…. so glad Annie you are able to enjoy eating again… and more importantly keeping it down.. 🙂 joyx

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