Annie’s Birthday Photos

One thing Annie has always loved is her Grammy’s antique roll-top bureau desk. (Needless to add that of course, she loves her Grammy more than her Grammy’s furniture!)

Unfortunately, that desk is stateside…oh, and it belongs to her Grandma!

However, a concentrated period of visiting local antique shops (more for purpose of R&D than purchasing!) and I was ready to hit eBay armed with some good advice for roll-top desk bargain hunting. A few dozen failed bids later…I finally bid successfully on an antique roll-top desk for a price well below the going average.

Annie and I are not ones for antiques and certainly not ones for antiques for the sake of collecting! However, I can’t think of a person on this planet that will put an antique roll-top desk to better use than Annie!

I hope that it brings Annie (and those who receive the fruits of her labour behind it!) as much fun as it did me searching for it, finding it and presenting it!

(PS: A big thanks to Larry and Debbie for keeping it in storage before the big reveal!)

5 thoughts on “Annie’s Birthday Photos

  1. thank you for allowing us to share your special day with you…it was so lovely to see you guys. love you lots, kaz xx

  2. Happy birthday Anne, I hope you had a great day ,I’ve been thinking of you! love Sammie.

  3. Anne it looks JUST like mine! You will love it I know. I hope you had a really good birthday!

  4. hope you had a good birthday I know I had a good ‘your birthday’ really lovely to just sit and veg and chat with you, love you loads….. joyx

  5. It’s beautiful, I am really jealous, I want one!!! I hope you have had a fantastic birthday Annie, lots of love to you, Ruthx

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