Monday, January 7th 2012

Just wrote an update and then lost it!

Here’s the summary:

  • Met with hospice doctor this morning to talk about CT scan results
  • No clots on lung; kidneys, liver and bowel look normal
  • No infection
  • Coughing could be a result of either…
    • increased fluid on the lung
    • cancer in the lung
  • Course of action for the former: insert a drain and then attempt to fill the cleared pleural cavity with a powder to prevent the cavity from filling up again. This is not the same procedure as the injection into the back – it’s (hopefully) something more substantial.
  • Course of action for cancer in the lung: to palliatively treat the symptoms in an attempt to make them more manageable for Annie
  • The consultants believe it is due to an observable increase in fluid – but haven’t ruled out possible presence of cancer in the lungs.
  • Tomorrow Annie will undergo the drain and talc procedure which hopefully will get her breathing back to normal.
  • The talc procedure is 50-50 – sometimes the cavity doesn’t bond. No side effects if it doesn’t work; it just means that the fluid would (over time) eventually build up again – there’s no telling how quickly or how slowly though.
  • We’ve been waiting since 5pm for the ward transfer where the procedure will take place tomorrow morning. It’s currently 10:45pm. Really hoping and praying it happens soon. Meanwhile, Annie sleeps.



5 thoughts on “Monday, January 7th 2012

  1. Thanks for keeping us updated even though you lost the first one, we really appreciate it. Praying for the Drs, nurses, for the procedure but especially for Annie and you, much love the McClures xx

  2. Must be late Ryan as I’ve just ‘lost’ 2 replies to you! Praying for swift transfer, and for ‘talc’ procedure to go well and be successful. Also that you both get a good nights sleep. Psalm 3 vs 5. X

  3. It must be late Ryan, because like you, I’ve just ‘lost’ my comments to you!!
    Praying for a good nights’ rest for you both; that the transfer happens soon and also that the ‘talc’ procedure goes well tomorrow. Love in Jesus. Psalm 3 vs 5

  4. Praying you both have good nights’ sleep to be refreshed for the ‘talc’ procedure tomorrow. Trusting the transfer happens soon, too. Psalm 3 vs 5

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