Monday, May 16th 2014

Time is a fascinating and frustrating thing for us human beings. At the beginning of each new day we are each apportioned exactly the same amount and yet at the end of each day many of us feel short changed. There’s never enough and when we look around at one another we can often feel like some received much more than we did!

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Saturday, November 30th 2013


I treasure this photograph. I wouldn’t know what the occasion was but the clues tell me it’s a birthday celebration – possibly Annie’s? There’s something particularly precious to me about photos of my Annie before I knew of her. Although it’s true, I have fewer of those photographs in my possession than I do of those when I knew her, it’s not simply scarcity or rarity that increases their value to me. It’s something much deeper and loftier than that. Continue reading

Thanksgiving 2013

My Heavenly Father and my Lord,
Thank You for giving me Your Son,
Thank You for forgiving me my sin,
Lord Jesus thank You for laying down Your life and giving me life,
Thank You for dying to save me and my Annie
Thank You for the life You took,
Thank You for the life You give.

I am Yours,