Friday, November 25th 2011

While we are on this earth, and before we die, we can never say a final farewell to sickness. Within the community of God’s people there is probably a wide spectrum of views on the subject of healing – and Annie and I have encountered a number of those views in recent weeks and months – but no matter where you are on that spectrum, the plain and simple fact is, we all get sick from time to time. Sickness is par for the course this side of the grave. Continue reading

Thursday, November 24th 2011

In some ways, the last seven days have not been as eventful as Annie and I had hoped that they would be. There were a number of things that Annie would loved to have done while Anna was staying with us, but she was simply too weak and too sick for most of them. But you know something, in spite of that, we had a wonderful time with Anna and all three of us were really sad to say goodbye to one another as Anna flew back to Czech Republic yesterday morning. Continue reading