Thursday, February 23rd – Monday, February 27th 2012

In response to some followers of this blog who have commented towards briefer posts, I’ll try my best. In response to comments towards less preaching, that’s a bit like telling someone at a football match to quit singing about their team; it’s the passionate overflow of the heart. Continue reading

Friday, February 17th – Wednesday, February 22nd 2012

It’s my unschooled, poorly researched and late night opinion that you can divide the personalities of human beings into one of two categories: silly or serious. You can be a bit of both (indeed with age and responsibility you simply have to be) but your personality is predominantly one or the other. Instinctively, each group know their own and can detect their counterparts, even if they have never met. We might work it out from observing any number of signals: footwear, facial expressions, email addresses, books on shelves, number of book shelves, reaction to sudden strange noises during a period of public silence. We work it out intuitively and adapt accordingly. Continue reading

Monday, January 30th – Saturday, February 11th 2012

Before I begin this long overdue entry, I would just like to thank all of you who follow the blog and – more importantly – lift us up before our Father in heaven as you do. Over the last ten or so days I have received a number of gracious prompts to journal something so that you can be updated for prayer. It is humbling to have so many people take such sincere interest in what I write and share on this blog. Thank you.

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