Tuesday, September 9th 2014 – The End?

This may well be the very last blog entry I post on Broken Chariots. And in terms of content it won’t be characteristically weighty. But this doesn’t mark the end of the blog’s life.

In the same way that Annie’s testimony resonates through me today – and always will until I am called home – the story this blog tells continues to testify daily, to old and new followers who read for the first time or re-read it for the n’th time. According to the viewing statistics this blog continues to be found by many each day from every corner of the globe.

Sarah and I prayerfully desire – and it does form part of our prayer life – that it would be used by God to continue to minister to many. That it might testify perhaps long after we have been called home; until Jesus returns or until the internet finally implodes!

To all those who followed it faithfully and gave me encouragement to write – thank you. To all those who prayerfully and practically supported me so that my faith enabled me to write, thank you. To all those who prayed for Annie and me when Annie was living here on earth – thank you. And to all those who prayed that God might grant another to accompany me and rejoiced when He brought Sarah by my side – thank you! This blog has always been a community effort and I have just happened to be the scribe.

I have updated the home page with new content and I will keep the original home page as a separate menu item.

Jesus is faithful to His promises. He alone is able and faithful to lead and comfort His people through all in life, including – and especially – death’s dark valley. I know this because I have known Him through that dark valley. He alone gives lasting peace, hope and joy along the way. He alone gives eternal life. He alone is able to usher us beyond the grave to a very real and eternally wonderful life. Annie knew this and I know that she is now with Him.

Falling in love with the story you read in this blog, is not the point of the story you read in this blog. Admiring the faith of others in this blog is not the aim of this blog. If that is all that you do, you will have tragically missed the point – and even misread the story! This story includes me, a weak and wretched sinner; not always as loving as I ought; not always faith filled as I ought; not always as trusting as I ought.

The aim of this story is to point you to your desperate need of a Saviour and Lord whose name is Jesus. He is God’s only Son and He has come to this earth to lay down His life for sinners – of whom, I consider myself, the worst. Through His death on the cross and resurrection from the grave on the third day, I am forgiven and set free. Free indeed!

“Lord Jesus, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” – John 6:68

In His Arms,

Ryan and Sarah


4 thoughts on “Tuesday, September 9th 2014 – The End?

  1. In this new chapter of your life, it’s very understandable, and fitting, that this may well be your last blog entry here. Those who have read the blog from the beginning have wept with you, prayed for you and now rejoice with you. It’s good that the blog will remain up as a testimony of God’s saving and keeping power, to all who may read it in the future. May God bless you both in your walk together with Him.

  2. Thanks for all your honesty and for all that your have lovingly shared with us over the last year or so. We continue to pray for you and now Sarah and that God will richly use you both in the future. Take care and see you both soon hopefully. Joyx

  3. Thank-you for sharing your life and your faith with so many. Because of Jesus, we live with joy! Always!

  4. Thank you… May the Lord continue to bless and encourage you as you faithfully serve Him. Love Gill and Mark

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