Tuesday, November 15th 2011 – Eddie’s Care Package Arrives

On Tuesday Annie received a care package in the post courtesy of a good friend and dear brother, Eddie Schmidt.  Eddie was an intern this summer working here in Worcester with another dear brother, Larry Kineman. We had a great time getting to know and love Eddie over the summer.

What we particularly love about Eddie is his servant heart and teachable spirit. While he was here, he was always asking questions, always listening; and even helped me out with some of our youth fellowship groups which was a great blessing. The guys in our youth ministry loved Eddie and he has become something of a legend following his pillow fighting duelling skills which he put to use (mainly abuse and misuse!) at our church weekend away.

Eddie was concerned that Annie would receive the quality of vitamins and essentials that are readily available, stateside. Namely, sugar and salt. So he put together a care package to meet those needs.

Thanks you Doctor, Pillow Warrior and more importantly, servant of Christ, Eddie Schmidt!

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