December 2012 – January 2013 in photos

Just a few snapshots of the last couple of weeks following Annie’s first departure from hospital – includes carol singing in the city centre, making and boxing cookies for neighbours on Christmas eve; Christmas day with my parents; post-Christmas games and fellowship; sewing, writing and constructing a frame for the poem Annie wrote for her Mom as a Christmas gift – all from the comfort of her hospice room; a late Christmas with Mom Ruth, Tim, Joy and Tabbi; oh…and just a dash of the dashing Milo.

7 thoughts on “December 2012 – January 2013 in photos

  1. Anne, what a precious gift for your Mom! You have always been so gifted with “words” and obviously your Ryan is also. Your cookies look amazing…..and you are amazing. Praying for you and loving you all.

    Cliff & Char

  2. The pictures are lovely, Annie is always smiling! what an inspiration :0) I gave Ruthie a lift to the hospital for her appointment yesterday and it was so lovely to spend the time chatting to her in the car. She was telling me how her “Everyday with Jesus” these last 2 months have been so relevant to what is going on in your life and I think it has really helped her. I look forward to reading the poem next time I go to visit her. I saw Tabitha yesterday and she was so excited about the present you gave her, she has already constructed several things and we had to do another one when I was there, it is so right for her, well done! I pray that you have a good week, lots of love to you both, Ruthx

  3. Feeling rather emotional right now. Thanks for the encouragement guys and for just being you and just the fact that you keep on keepin’ on! We can indeed do ALL things through Christ who strengthens us!
    Love you guys.
    Sistah Rivers xx

  4. Annie you clever thing writing a beautiful poem no doubt and sewing and cooking etc etc, you are amazing such an inspiration love you lots ! Jo x

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