Photos – At the Hospice

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Sunday, April 15th – Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Following on from the very last paragraph of our previous post, the weekend that has just passed was a very difficult one. The emergency doctors came out and as I expected, their solution was to simply rotate the list of available of anti-sickness drugs and try Annie on something that she’d had in the past, namely Prochlorperazine (branded Buccastem), which apparently is one of the oldest of the modern anti-sickness medicines. Eventually, like most of the anti-sickness drugs, its efficacy wanes with time or rather nausea learns how to outsmart it after repetition. But for Saturday and Sunday these two little pills that Annie places under her lip have helped to stem the vomiting.

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Friday, April 6th – Saturday, April 14th 2012

The late 19th century American preacher and evangelist, Dwight L. Moody, was once approached by a member of the first church he attended in Chicago and commended for his zeal for God but warned not to preach until his grammar improved. “You make too many mistakes in grammar,” he told Moody. Moody humbly responded, “I know I make mistakes…but I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got.” Staring into the eye of his critic he said: “Look here, friend, you’ve got grammar enough. What are you doing with it for the Master?”

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we are not great

In a fortnight, our blog will have been running for six months. This current post is the 76th and the blog is getting closer to 100,000 hits. To put that figure into the context of the web-sphere, it’s not that great a deal. The now very famous ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ Youtube clip alone received 2.6 million hits in nine-months; a further 10 million the following month and by the following 12 months had reached 92 million hits! If you’ve seen the clip you’ll appreciate what I mean when I say that 56 seconds of pain (someone else’s!) and laughter can go a long way! If you’ve not seen the clip (where have you been!?) be my guest; click the link above and add your number to the millions (at the time of writing this, that clip’s hits is at 443 million!)

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Photos over the last three months

One blessing that we really enjoy at this time is the amount of visitors we’ve had. It’s been a while since we added photos so here’s a few keepsakes of the last few months which have included…

A visit from cousin Ephie; a snowy Saturday with the Pearmans; a sunny day with the Slumans; Bady (Anna’s dog) returns from his French Hotel pour Chiens;