Monday/Tuesday, December 5th/6th 2011

I sometimes get this recurring dream that somehow it was figured out that I didn’t properly finish my education and I have to go back, as an adult, and start again beginning with my high school education. I loved the days of my youth but in that dream it’s such a depressing and distressing realisation. When I wake up there is not only a great sense of relief but also a great sense of joy that all that stuff is indeed finished and never again to be revisited. Continue reading

Friday, December 2nd 2011 – Choir Practice, Joy to the World

Here is a little clip from our choir practice yesterday evening. This is literally 30 minutes into the practice. I was putting the video togehter on iMovie on our Mac and came across an audio effect that made it sounds like we were singing the song in a larger room rather than the little room at the chapel we were singing in.

I promise, this is our choir singing! What a majestic sound!