Life and Latte – Q&A Session

Cancer has opened up doors to many experiences and opportunities that Annie and I might not have had without it. One of the great opportunities is being able to meet so many people and share our faith.

We often hear folks say things like:

“I wish I had your faith!”

Maybe it’s just a politically correct pleasantry; maybe it’s genuine.

The faith that we have isn’t a commodity, neither is it a disposition that you’re either born with or into. Our faith is exercised in the same way as every other human being exercises their faith. (This blog post might be of some interest.)

If you’ve been following the blog and are genuinely interesting in learning more about Christian faith, then I am sure you’ve got a lot of questions – otherwise, what’s stopping you from making your wish come true?

Tomorrow night we are hosting a Question and Answer session for anyone who is seeking, exploring or beginning the journey of faith in Jesus. The same session is for anyone who considers themselves a skeptic too!

All are welcome!

The event will take place tomorrow from 6pm until 8pm at the Coppertops Pub (click here for directions). There will be fresh coffee and lush cakes. There’ll be plenty of opportunity for asking questions either anonymously or not!


Really hope to see you there. Drop me a line (use the comments section on this blog – it will come to me privately without displaying information) if you need help getting there.


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