Thursday, November 3rd 2011

Hospitals can be such weird and conflicting places. Under one roof are some of the happiest people of the day with their joyful bumps; and some of the unhappiest with their dreadful lumps. But it’s the scene outside our hospital that really sums up the weirdness to us. The lobby entrance outside is framed by a hive of nicotine sucking nurses on the right, and a what looks like a chain-gang of pyjama-clad in-patients skewered to their mobile drips and cigarrettes on the left. Hardly a breath of hope and health on arrival!

Hospitals can be really discouraging places too. I have yet to experience entering the hospital with the joyful anticipation of seeing my wife and new born baby. For Annie and I, our countless visits to the hospital are an all together different kind of occasion. The most joy I ever had on arrival was knowing that I could bring Annie home after her surgery.

Today saw the last of a series of scans and x-rays at the hospital before being summoned again by the oncologist for a discussion tomorrow (Friday), presumably about the results and findings. The ultrasound Annie had today was inconclusive describing the small (but painful) lump on her side as just a pocket of fatty tissue. As for the x-ray and the CT scan earlier this week, perhaps we will find more out tomorrow.

When I walk down those long hospital corridors with Annie, sometimes I feel my faith and strength in the Lord come under attack.

“I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” – Mark 9:24

I am so thankful that when my heart is conflicted, Jesus understands and intercedes.

As I write this it is 11pm. We’ve had a blessed evening in the company of God’s people and God’s Word! Right now, Annie sleeps again without the intrusion of coughing.

You are the King of Glory
You are the Prince of Peace
You are the Lord of heaven and earth
You are the Son of righteousness
Angels bow down before You
They worship and adore You
For You have the words of eternal life
You are Jesus Christ the Lord
Hosanna to the Son of David
Hosanna to the King of Kings
Glory in the highest heavens
Jesus the Messiah reigns


5 thoughts on “Thursday, November 3rd 2011

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  2. Hospitals, no they don’t inspire confidence, peace or hope for that matter; only Jesus gives us true hope. Praising Him that you know the true source of joy. Gill

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  4. Dear Ryan,

    Although I don’t know you, I want to just say how encouraging it is to hear your frankness about feeling your faith under attack. I know that ‘feeling’ only all too well, and I think you’re right to be honest as we are such frail people and life and its problems can really get us down.

    Love to you both,

    Debbie Mahoney (Parsons)

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