Mission Week

This week we have a special week of outreach to a wider group of Eastern european farm workers.

Tomorrow (Sunday) evening we will be having a special Q&A session for seekers and skeptics which we call Life and Latte. Lord’s willing, I will be hosting that.

  • Could you pray for the panel who will respond to the questions (Alison, Cornel, Callum, Roy, Andy) and for Sue who will share her testimony
  • Could you pray that Annie might be physically fit to come
  • Would you pray for J, N and H – three Czech farm workers who will be coming along as seekers and skeptics
If you are reading this blog and you’d like to come along – please do!

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday we have three evenings of outreach to the farm workers. We’ll be using the lower ground floor of a pub opposite the farm to feed and welcome the farm workers (estimates are that there are in excess 160 workers on the farm at the moment). At the end of each evening we’ll be preaching the gospel.

  • Please pray that we get good numbers – we’ve never struggled in the past to fill the place but we don’t lean on the past but the God of the past, present and future
  • Please pray for me on Wednesday night as I speak from Luke 12:13-21 (The Parable of the Rich Fool). And for my brothers Andy, and Roy who will speak on Tuesday and Friday night respectively.
  • Please pray that the Holy Spirit will minister through the Word preached and demonstrated.
  • Please pray that Annie might have health to come along too. Please 🙂

One Wednesday, one of the farm workers (J) will be staying the night with us before we take him to the bus station early the next morning where he will depart for London, and then back home to Czech Republic.

  • We have (and will, Lord’s Willing) have lots of opportunity to declare and demonstrate the gospel. We feel like we would like to leave him with a letter and a bible when he departs. Please pray that we would be given the words by God so that God will speak to him through that letter.
  • Please pray that Annie will have strength and health for that day and night as well.

2 thoughts on “Mission Week

  1. Be assured of our prayers for all the points you mention.

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