July – Photos

Following a rough start to the week we have enjoyed more than a couple of iced-lattes.

There are some photos here of the July 4th celebration we enjoyed this week. Yes, I know, a strange holiday to be celebrating in England but with family and friend ties to America…coupled with Annie’s new-found appetite, it was the least we could do! It was a great opportunity to invite our three Czech friends from the farm. If the politics of our celebration confused you, spare a thought for them! Either way, they really enjoyed the night and we thank God for the bridge-building opportunity.

Then just yesterday we enjoyed a visit from Annie’s brother and his family. The weather was quite atrocious but our lounge was full of radiance and warmth πŸ™‚ …and a blonde wig we found in the loft which we later inflicted on Milo.

My apologies for not displaying a particularly comprehensive gallery of photos!


3 thoughts on “July – Photos

  1. Lovvvvve the picture of Milo in the wig. even though i have never met your dog i feel like i know him from the pictures!! what a good sport he is πŸ™‚

  2. awwwww I love the pictures, we had a great afternoon and wish we could do it more, see you soon. joyx

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