Saturday, January 12th – Sunday, January 13th 2013

A very short blog post!

Hopefully you read our recent ‘tweet’. Annie left the hospital yesterday morning and is now back in ‘her’ room at the hospice. The blessing of this transition has come with immediate effect. I called Annie this morning to ask how she slept. I am not being poetic when I report that I could actually hear Annie’s smile. She slept exceedingly well.

This morning I was preaching and only had a couple of minutes beforehand to drop in on Annie. I arrived to find her in fellowship with one of the chaplains who is not only a born-again Christian (it’s not always a given that chaplains are!) but she is the mother of one of the young people we have known of through some of the youth in our mother church at Manor Park (a slightly convoluted sentence, I know!) I – and the rest of the church family – missed Annie this morning, but the Lord Jesus was as powerfully present in our gathering as He was in the gathering of two that took place in Annie’s room.

As for the plan from here forward…

As far as the hospice are concerned, they’d like to keep Annie for a few days – maybe even up to a week. It goes without saying that things can change very suddenly and quickly.

Something you can join in prayer with us for is whether Annie should go and have the right side of her lung drained in hospital. No one but Annie has suggested it. She feels the benefit of the procedure on the left lung but simultaneously, now recognises the fluid around the right lung more so. It’s something she would like to talk to the hospice doctors about this week.

With regards to the coming week, I know a lot of folk would like to visit Annie – and she is really keen. However, we’re going to require some visit management because she needs to balance this with rest. Tomorrow, a number of friends from London will be coming and so Annie would like to allot our visitors from the south, the lion share of her time. If you could call ahead and watch the twitter updates (see right margin of the home page) for a visitor status update, that would be really helpful.

Our love in Jesus,


1 thought on “Saturday, January 12th – Sunday, January 13th 2013

  1. We are praying for you regularly. May the Lord be with you and may you experience his presence day by day in these difficult times. With love in Christ, the Vekas family

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