Saturday, October 29th 2011

Well, we are probably one of the few people not looking forward to the extra hour in bed this evening. If you didn’t remember already, the clocks fall back one hour at 2:00am on Sunday. We remember, it’s just that the nights aren’t really something we look forward to at the moment. Right now, it seems like a good night’s sleep is something we can only daydream of. Last night was another night of coughing for Annie and she didn’t properly get to sleep until around 5:30am. For that reason I insisted Annie have a restful day which I think we largely succeeded in achieving.

I was going to say that we started the day with a great bacon and egg sandwich courtesy of our brother and local master butcher, Ben; but in actual fact, we technically started the day at roughly 2:30am on our knees praying together during our attempt to get some sleep. It is a real blessing to hear the prayers of my wife at night. The fervency and sincerity with which Annie is talking to the Lord floods my soul with joy and peace. Even as I write this, I just pray that the Lord would grant us the miracle of healing so that we might continue to discover and serve Him together with ever increasing fervency and sincerity for His glory.

Many, O LORD my God, are the wonders you have done. The things you planned for us no one can recount to you; were I to speak and tell of them, they would be too many to declare. – Psalm 40:5

Sleep might be one blessing we can’t count on at the moment, but there are so many present blessings that we are able to count. It is so good to see that Annie has enough health to enjoy the day and to be productive. It is wonderful to see that even in the early hours, she has the desire and stamina to talk to the Lord for what felt like an hour last night! When I awoke this morning, I heard the blessing of Annie talking and laughing downstairs as she was Skyping with our dear sister Phil out on the mission field. After I got in from doing some errands this afternoon, I came home to see Annie smiling and talking with our dear brother and sister, Steve and Sue who had popped by with a lovely meal for us: at least five blessings in that picture alone. We spent the evening with one of the guys from our youth group, Sam (the aforementioned butchers lad!), preparing the youth bible study for tomorrow evening and it was an added blessing to have Annie contributing to the conversation we were having in preparation for tomorrow.

Right now, she is sleeping. It is late, and I hear no coughing. Just before Sam left, we prayed for Annie while she was…..[whispering]…’sleeping’.

Father God, it would be really good for Annie to get the rest that she needs this evening. Please grant us that blessing.

Our love in Jesus,


4 thoughts on “Saturday, October 29th 2011

  1. Ryan, First, I want to thank you for the blog. What a gift. You are doing a wonderful job! I also want to say that there are some of us on this side of the Atlantic who are agreeing with what you wrote: ” that the Lord would grant us the miracle of healing so that we might continue to discover and serve Him together.” Charlotte and I and others are asking that God would grant an extension of life to dear Annie. We are not demanding that, of course, but we are asking and trusting. I believe it would bring glory to God, and of course joy to all of us. We are very grateful for the obvious joy and peace that God is giving you in the midst of the trial. We love you both. Uncle Karl

  2. morning, hope you guys had a better nights sleep, over the last week I have been waking up around 4.00-5.00am I think due to my cold and being unable to breathe properly, and I use the ‘awake time’ to pray for you guys, and I am now wondering if the Lord is waking me on purpose to cause me to pray? and I do so lovingly and willingly….. “pray without ceasing”…..


  3. Hi, Ruth Parsons here- I grew up in the same church as Anne (Annie). We didn’t know each other well – I think there is about10 years between us – thats alot for kids! I want to let her know that I’m praying for you both – and that I’m also rather envious of the joy you both have. Its wonderful to hear how you are leaning on the Lord. I also really feel for her coughing all night. I looked up a link which may or may not be helpful for the coughing.
    Love in Christ, Ruth

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