We are not alone

If I ever write a book, I think it would be about the importance of Christian fellowship. One of the reasons I probably won’t ever write the book is because I will never be in the place where I feel I have discovered everything about it.

In life and ministry both Annie and I have always felt the heartbeat of fellowship resonate deeply and powerfully within us. Too many Christians short-change the family of God, short-change themselves and fall short of the finishing line by refusing to commit themselves to the blessed benefits of truly biblical fellowship.

This morning we received a card in the post from a dear sister. On the front of the lovely hand-crafted card was a verse from Psalm 16.

I have set the LORD always before me; because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved – Psalm 16:8

As I read through that Psalm it was verse 3 in particular that really stood out.

As for the saints who are in the land, they are the glorious ones in whom is all my delight. – Psalm 16:3

One of the great ways that God has delivered the promise of Psalm 16:8 has been through the blessing of what David understood in Psalm 16:3.

We were in the doctor’s surgery last week, on the same day we received the approval of the Oncologist for Annie to come off chemo. During our conversation the doctor said how surprised she was that two relatively young people were able to talk and decide so confidently about the present and future that we were facing; she remarked that usually patients could never talk about these things with her because ultimately, you were having to talk about…well….death.

We assured the doctor that the only thing we could do with confidence was credit the Prince of Peace with this. We simply professed that the only reason we could give for standing firm on our feet was because we were resting on the shoulders of God’s people who were on their knees daily placing us into the hands of Jesus Christ, the head of the church, the conqueror of death.

And when those saints are not on their knees for us they are on their feet for us, making meals for us, walking our dog, running errands…and as they do, we find strength and joy to continue serving others for the glory of God.

In harmony with the Psalmist, let it be known, Ryan and Annie love the saints in this city and in our church. May the Lord bless you greatly!

2 thoughts on “We are not alone

  1. …I just want to say thank you. Your words are very helpful. Giving me hope and Inspired me. I begin to see my situation in a different light. I pray for you. God Bless You both.

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