Carol Singing in the City – Saturday, December 17th, 2011

7 thoughts on “Carol Singing in the City – Saturday, December 17th, 2011

  1. Great singing! Anne looks wonderful in the main photo – so like her Dad.

    Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and peaceful Christmas.

  2. Wonderful to hear the singing… even more wonderful to catch glimpses of two faces I love. Christmas blessings to you both.

  3. This is your jacuzzi friends! We continue to follow Annie’s journey with great interest. Just read your blog for Friday, Saturday and so delighted you were all able to enjoy the weekend. Also you have shed light on a passage of scripture which can challenge us all. As you say God knows what is best for us all. We, that is Jenny, Lily, Val and Liz send you as much love as we can muster through this message! We pray you are able to celebrate this very special season minute by minute. A chance meeting? I don’t think so! Love in Christ to you both.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. wow, they sounded amazing! Come over and teach our lot to sing like that! lol 🙂 So pleased that Anne could go and listen…….I love the photos of Anne xx

  5. So pleased that Annie felt well enough to be at the carol singing, the choir sounded fantastic, well done everyone.

  6. you guys sound great, and these pics are brill and there are some really lovely ones of you annie, you look so well


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