Prayer Request – November 7th 2011

I haven’t asked their permission to share their need and for that reason I am just using two random initials to represent them. Rest assured, the Lord will know who you are praying for!

K and G are a young couple recently married. We know G very well as she was one of the young people in the youth ministry Annie and I were involved in. They both attend our fellowship and we love them dearly and they love the Lord dearly.

G has had a long bout of sickness in recent months, so bad that she is unable to work at the moment. K is in the first year of his career.

G was taken to the emergency room today after a lot of pain. They kept her in hospital for most of the day and ran tests. While in the last few months doctors have made some sort of diagnosis, they just are not sure what is causing this pain.

  • Please pray that God would give the doctors the wisdom to correctly identify and treat the problem.
  • Please pray that K would be granted peace and strength in his job and in his role as a husband.
  • Please pray that they both – especially K, would get the sleep that they really need at this time.
Joining you in prayer for them,




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